What is disc golf?

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Disc golf is an outdoor sport played with special flying discs, the aim of which is to play the entire disc golf course in as few shots as possible. These courses typically consist of nine or eighteen uniquely designed fairways, each with a disc golf cart. It is played in a similar way to traditional golf, with each shot being taken from where the disc previously landed. This disc is thrown until it hits the disc golf basket.

Disc golf is a very accessible sport. This sport is easy to learn as the basic element of the game is the flying saucer. The sport is enjoyed by athletes of all ages and is suitable for all fitness levels. To start playing you need a disc golf disc, which costs 10-20EUR.

Disc golf basics

Disc golf is a game that is easy to learn, but like all sports, there are nuances that help you understand the sport from the ground up. On this page you will find all the basic information about disc golf: rules, information about discs, where to find disc golf courses, instructional articles and videos. Disc golf is also represented in Latvia in the Latvian Council of Sports Federations , its system is taken care of by Latvian Disc Golf Federation .

Start playing disc golf

Three simple steps to start playing disc golf


Find the nearest square

More than 30 public disc golf courses for different levels of play. On the course map you will find large disc golf courses, where the full round can take between 2 – 2.5 hours, and smaller courses that are beginner-friendly and take 30 – 45 minutes to play. Some disc golf courses also offer disc rental.


Prepare inventory

To start playing disc golf, you will need disc golf discs. You can find the first discs suitable for beginners in our online shop with a filter for beginners. One medium-distance disc is fully sufficient to start with, but there are also beginners kits consisting of three discs, one from each category.


Get to know the game

The rules of disc golf are quite similar to those of traditional golf. The aim of the game is to hit all the disc golf baskets on the course with as few shots as possible, each time from where the disc landed. It will be easiest to start with the easy-to-understand rules of disc golf . We definitely recommend starting with an experienced disc golfer, if you don’t have one, contact us!


Long-distance discs

Long-distance disc golf discs, as their name suggests, have the greatest potential to fly longer distances. However, for this to happen, the discs also need a higher throw speed to move according to their intended flight parameters. Long-distance discs have wider and sharper edges. These discs are not the best choice for younger players or players with slower hand speeds.

Talas distances diska sana profils
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Half-distance discs

Half-distance disc golf discs have a slightly narrower rim than long-distance discs and are easier to control because they have a lower airspeed. Although they have less flight potential, ferrules are an excellent choice for more stable flight paths, lighter throws and straighter flights. Half disc golf discs are usually the best choice to start with for beginners.

Pustalas distances disku sana profils
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Middle distance discs

Disc golf discs for the middle distance have smaller rims that fit comfortably in the hand, and they also have slightly deeper inner rims than disc golf discs for the long or half distance. Straight mid-distance disc golf discs are most often chosen as the first disc because they are versatile. These discs will most often fly a straight and constant trajectory and are suitable for both long and short throws. Discs in this category fly slower, so they are easier to control to land the disc in the desired position on the way to the basket.

VIdejas distances disku golfa diska sana profils
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Short-distance discs

Disc golf discs for short distances are the deepest and slowest discs and have the thinnest edges. These discs are designed for basket throwing, but they can also be used very well for dunks or even as dribbles in narrower corridors due to their straight flight. Short-distance disc golf discs are the least likely to deviate from the trajectory of the shot because they are the slowest discs, and the depth of these discs helps them to stop more quickly when they touch the ground.

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Frequently asked questions

These are disc golf disc parameters which describe the flight characteristics of disc golf. These are Speed, Plane, Trajectory deviation and Landing deviation. A velocity of 1 to 14 indicates the disc’s range potential; a pitch of 1 to 7 indicates the disc’s ability to stay in the air; a trajectory deviation of -1 to 5 indicates the disc’s stability to stay in a straight line after ejection; a landing deviation of 0 to 5 indicates the disc’s tendency to tumble and drift sideways as it loses its exit velocity.

The price of disc golf discs most often depends on the plastic of the disc and sometimes also on the design of the disc. This means that whichever model of disc you choose, it is important to pay attention to the plastic it is made of. Discs bearing the name of a professional athlete are often more expensive, as part of the proceeds go to support the athlete’s career.

There is a very high probability that the discs you choose to throw are too stable for you. This means that your throwing technique and power have not yet developed enough for the disc to fly its potential distance. Disc golf discs are divided into understable, stable and overstable discs. To better understand how the flight pattern of discs is formed, we recommend a deeper the parameters of disc golf discs . Beginners should start playing disc golf with understable discs.

The shallower the disc, the less it will be exposed to wind. The loft is the parameter of the disc golf disc that reflects the lifting capacity of the disc, which is directly related to the depth of the disc golf disc. The lower the Planform Index, the less wind will affect it. It is useful to know that the effect of the wind on the disc also depends on its direction.

No, because the speed of a disc golf disc is about its aerodynamics and how fast it can shoot through the air, but the distance of flight is directly related to the athlete’s throwing technique and power. If the disc golf disc is not thrown at the right speed, it will fall quickly and will not reach its flight potential. There is a special category for beginners, which offers direct disc golf models suitable for beginners that will fly better and further.

Every disc golf disc is unique, even those made from the same mould. The flight of disc golf discs is influenced by many factors: disc shape, disc plastic, disc weight, manufacturing temperature, cooling temperature, outdoor temperature, storage time and temperature, wear and tear, throwing power, throwing technique and much more. Only by playing a lot and for a long time does one get a sense of the flight of the disc.

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Disc golf video tutorials

DIsku golf equipment for beginners

Buy your first kit

A fully equipped disc golfer is one who has all the necessary equipment: disc golf discs, bag and accessories. A better equipped athlete will be able to develop their game on the disc golf course much faster and will feel more comfortable playing in a variety of playing conditions. Ideally, it’s best to buy a disc golf starter kit, as it contains one disc from each disc category, and a bag to hold both discs and personal belongings and accessories. “The Birdie Bag and towel help to keep your hands and discs dry, so you can get a better grip on the disc and make more accurate shots.

Need help choosing disc golf equipment?

Our disc golf shop has a wide range of products, so we’ll be happy to help you find the right discs, bags and accessories for you. We can advise you on the choice of equipment over the phone, or you can arrange an in-store consultation.

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