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The most suitable disc golf discs for beginners

Disc golf is probably the easiest sport to start doing. Its simplicity and availability is the reason for the rapid development and growth of popularity of disc golf. But once the choice has been made to start dealing with it, the most frequently asked question is – What are the most suitable disc golf discs for beginners?

We usually come to this issue when disc golf has reached out to us and we are ready to buy our first discs. There are near, middle, semi-distant and long-distance disc golf discs. And if we look even deeper, then each disc has four main parameters of disc golf discs : speed, soaring, trajectory deviation and landing deviation. All these attributes make choosing your first disc golf disc only more complicated.

To make it easier to master the first steps in disc golf, develop the throwing technique and do it with pleasure, we recommend starting with a straight middle-distance disc. By straight, you mean a disc golf disc with a trajectory deviation of -1 to 0, and a landing deviation of -0 to 2, such as the Latitude 64 Claymore or the Latitude 64 Fuse. These disc golf discs will work best for beginners, as they are universal and will be suitable for making both near and far throws, and will also be an excellent reflection for evaluating the player’s technique, as their flight paths will clearly show how the disc golf disc was launched from the player’s hand.

Those players who want to replenish their startup arsenal a little more seriously by purchasing more than one disc, we advise them to pay attention to the filtration capabilities of our online store . In the category “Game level” you will find discs grouped for the player level. This filter will allow you to distinguish which are disc golf discs for beginners, amateurs and connoisseurs. The complete set will come together by choosing one disc from each distance category: near, medium, far/half-tal.

What else will be useful for beginners?

Once the discs are assembled so that they do not have to be carried in your hands, a disc golf bag in which to carry them will come in handy. For beginners and a smaller number of discs, the most friendly is the Latitude 64 Slim Jim bag, in which it is possible to fit up to 8 discs, it has additional pockets for storing a bottle of drink, valuable belongings and a mini-disk. As an additional tool and support on the field, there will definitely be a towel. This will help keep the discs dry and clean, which, in turn, means better grip on the discus at the time of throwing.

Once the equipment is assembled according to your requirements and needs, then we can go to one of the disc golf courses and enjoy the game. Good luck!


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