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How and where to write down the result of disc golf? Disc Golf #S1E13

How to count the result of disc golf?

When we play disc golf, we also count every throw made that hits the basket. It is also important not to forget to add penalty points obtained by throwing a disc into the “weave” or by passing the “mando” or in another way after the basket played. We can find out this information about penalty zones at each throw point, and it is indicated on the information sign whether we have any chance of getting those penalty points in the relevant basket. All the shots we make plus penalty points make up our score, which we write down when we finish each basket.

You can read more about disc golf and simplified rules here!

Where is it most convenient to write down the result of disc golf?

Once we have played the cart, it is most convenient to write down the result of disc golf using the disc golf application . In this app, you can easily and quickly register and write down the number of shots and penalty points of all participants. As time goes on, in this app you’ll be able to look back at your progress and statistics on all disc golf courses . Then, when you feel mature for a race, this app also signs up for smaller and larger-scale disc golf competitions. Use , as it will be a convenient tool for entering, tracking your progress, as well as competitions.

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