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Where to start in order to correctly execute close throws? Disc Golf #S1E12

When our disc has landed closer to the baskets, within a radius of about ten to twenty meters, then it is worth using the technique of close-distance throws, because in this situation, it is no longer the distance that matters to us, but accuracy.

There are three main things about how to properly execute close throws, or “putts”

  • Posture – we stand with the support leg slightly opposite the basket, then make sure that both shoulders are in the direction of the basket. Let’s kneel a little so we can gain extra strength by executing close throws;
  • Grip – we run the grip a little looser so that it is easier to release the disc at the right moment, we decorate the wrist a little so that when executing a close throw we can get the disc to rotate;
  • Litter – we send the litter from the area between the chest and abdomen with an accelerating movement. We open the palm towards the basket so that the disk gets the necessary rotation and makes sure that it is transmitted in our desired direction, in the chains of the basket. By executing close throws in this way, we will get the best possible accuracy.

In this section of the store you will find the right discs for performing close throws!

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