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Where do I start to execute ForeHand throws correctly? Disc Golf #S1E10

In disc golf, all throws executed by throwing a disc golf disc by hand are allowed. In this video , we looked at the forehand throwing technique and its basics.

The forehand throwing technique has three main basic elements:

  1. Posture – we stand with our feet in the open position, and with the body and fingertips slightly facing the basket. When we execute the throw with the right hand, the right leg is in the back for us.
  2. Grip – with the palm and fingers we make a “gun” and insert the disc into the thumb joint between the index and thumb with the bottom of the disc facing the index finger. Then with these fingers we grab the disc so that the disc feels quite firmly in your hand and it is fixed in the joint of the thumb.
  3. Rewind – the forehand throw’s revival is performed by protruding the disc further from your body and the movement begins by pulling the elbow through your body. When making a throw, we use sharp and sharp movements. and after ejection, we open our palm toward the sky.

If you missed it, you can get acquainted with the backhand throwing technique here.

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