Disc golf rules in simple terms

The main elements of disc golf:
  1. Starting areas
  2. Info stands
  3. Drive
  4. Cart
  5. Possible obstacles – OB or car line, Mando obstacles, Hazard zone

The aim of the game: disc golf, like traditional golf, consists of strokes towards a target. While in golf, the stroke is made by hitting a ball towards a hole with a club, in disc golf, a flying saucer is thrown by hand towards a special disc catcher.

The winner is the one who has walked all the lanes and hit all the discus catchers with as few throws as possible.

Disc golf course:

  1. Disc golf is usually played in groups of 3-5 people.
  2. The game starts with each player taking his first shot from the starting court.
  3. At the time of the throw-in, only the player who makes the throw-in is in the starting area, all others are behind him.
  4. Each subsequent shot is taken by the player whose disc is further from the basket, regardless of which shot in a row it is for that player.
  5. The throw is made with one of the supporting legs at the point where the player’s disc landed.The step may only be taken sideways or backwards!
  6. It is important for everyone to keep track of the number of shots they make.
  7. When all players have completed a lane by throwing a disc into the catcher, each player’s score is recorded.
  8. It is important not to forget to add the penalty points earned
  9. The next players may only take the lane when the previous players have cleared the area
  10. The player with the best score in the previous lane starts the next lane first.

Obstacles and penalty points:

OB or Bus Line and Zone. If the disc is thrown out of bounds, the player receives 1 penalty point. The next move shall be made from the point where the disc crossed the car line.

Mando (mandatory). Mandatory obstacle to be negotiated on the indicated side. If the disc misses the mandatory obstacle on the wrong side, the player receives 1 penalty point. The next move is made from the Dropzone marked on the map.

Dropzone. Starting area to start from in case the Mando obstacle is negotiated the wrong way round.

Hazard zone. If the disc is thrown into the gambling zone, the player receives 1 penalty point. The next move shall be made from the same place where the disc landed.

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Rules of the Professional Disc Golf Association in Latvian Latvian Disc Golf Federation website .

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